Teaching First Aid In Schools



You may have seen in the News recently that the government are proposing that First Aid will be taught in school from 2020            (Life Saving CPR to be added to school curriculum) ABC North West have already been working in partnership with schools and academys to deliver First Aid Training and welcome this fantastic news.

In March this year ABC worked with a school to deliver Basic First Aid to 250 12 – 13 year olds. When initally approached about the task this was a huge undertaking. The numbers alone where challenging along with making the course both interesting and interacting for the target audience. The training co-ordinator set about putting together a very visual powerpoint for the trainers to use keeping terminology minimal but ensuring important aspects where understood. The emphasis was on Fun and Practical with the students undertaking CPR to the tune of Staying Alive (“although some had never heard of the song before this”).

The day was very successful and the children thoroughly  enjoyed themselves, they all got involved in participating in the practical exercises and came away with valuable life saving skills such as, how to put an unconscious casualty into the recovery position, CPR, how an AED works and how to deal with someone who is choking.

At ABC we believe it is very important that school children have a basic understanding of First Aid, we are hearing more and more of young children saving the lives of Adults. First Aid is a useful skill that can be used throughout your life and teaching children the emergency service number is very important. Studies have shown in other countries where children have basic CPR skills taught as part of the curriculum their outcomes in out of hospital cardiac arrest show more postive results as this vital skill is taught from an early age.

Interestingly part of  the course delivered included when and how to call the emergency services . When asked about calling for an ambulance many of the children’s responses was to call 911, there’s Amercian TV !!!  for you. So another valuable lesson they learned.

If any schools or organisations are interested in a programme to give children these basic yet essential life saving skills contact us for details

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