Be Prepared with First Aid Courses in Bolton

It looks like we might have escaped the worst of the weather this winter but as past winters have shown us, there’s still time. We all know how troublesome snow and ice can be, and with comes a number of new dangers not present in the milder months. Anyone who works in the accident and emergency department of any hospital will tell you that many of their attendees have come to need hospital treatment following a trip or a fall due to ice or snow. Bolton has not been affected by snow so far this winter, but the possibility is not ruled out. Why not prepare yourself or your staff by choosing ABC Northwest’s first aid courses in Bolton.

Comprehensive and Content Rich First Aid Courses in Bolton

The town of Bolton has an estimated population of 139,403. This former mill town is home to business from many industries and we believe having a designated first aider is essential for the wellbeing of you, your staff and customers. Our first aid courses in Bolton are designed to instil not only the necessary skills and knowledge to become a competent first aider; we understand that having the confidence to put these into practice when the time comes is just as important.

The HSE Emergency First Aid & Work courses we provide are rich in content whilst at the same time we ensure that there is plenty of hands on learning activities. It is said there are four types of learning styles and these are often classified as practical, logical learners, enthusiastic learners and imaginative learners and although very different in their methods of learning, we try to encompass all of these styles within all our courses.

Accommodates All Learning Styles

Our comprehensive first aid courses including our paediatric first aid courses in Bolton ensure that on successful completion of the course, attendees will know the aims and objectives of first aid, have the confidence and know how to react and approach a medical emergency, how to manage unconscious and non breathing casualties effectively, deal effectively with a choking emergency and treating a casualty that is bleeding. In addition, the candidate will have knowledge and be able to recognise other conditions such as seizures, shock and minor injuries. A first aider shouldn’t be without a properly managed and well stocked first aid kit, the correct contents of first aid kits is also taught on our first aid courses in Bolton.

Occupational Health Services in Lancashire

ABC Northwest also run a number of other courses that are designed to ensure that you have a competent and adequately trained workforce. What’s more, we also provide occupational health services in Lancashire. Included in our occupational health services in Lancashire are pre-employment medicals, absence management, return to work medicals and much more.

Check Availability Online

If you are interested in our first aid courses in Bolton and the rest of the North West or you are looking for premier occupational health services in Lancashire and you would like to know more you can contact us on 0845 634 4168. You can also check course availability of all of our courses on our website using the interactive calendar.