Looking for a course for Emergency First Aid Training in Manchester?

Learning basic first aid courses is essential in many job roles and learning these skills may one day help you to go on to save a life. Courses by ABC Northwest are designed to help you to do just that and by the end of the course you will not only have these skills, you will also be certified.

Here at ABC Northwest, we offer emergency first aid courses throughout the northwest, in many of the local areas like Manchester and Bolton. So, if you are searching for an emergency first aid training in Manchester, then look no further.

How to apply for the Paediatric First Aid Courses in Manchester

What is a Paediatric First Aid Course? This course qualifies individuals to have the skills to help children in medical emergencies. People who work with children (nannies, nurseries, day-care or pre-school staff) will benefit from this greatly and it is often a requirement by law that there be a qualified first aider present where children are cared for. So if an emergency occurs, such as, cuts and bleeding, they can react accordingly to the situation and deal with the emergency efficiently. Parents will feel more secure and reassured that someone qualified will help their child in any sort of medical emergency. We offer this course here in Manchester. Therefore, if you are looking to apply for a Paediatric First Aid Course in Manchester, then you can do so easily by going visiting our website. You can check course availability and simply give us a call.

First Aid Courses in Manchester

We have various courses for emergency first aid training in Manchester at affordable prices. So you don’t have to worry about the costs. The course is spread over 3 days, giving you enough time to learn all the required skills and techniques needed. The course is completely accumulated according to the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

During the course you will learn many different types of treatment for a variety casualties; some of which are the following: bleedings, fractures, burns and eye injuries. These casualties are very common and it is important to know how to deal with them. A child can fall in the playground and easily fracture a bone or cause themselves a range of injuries. Our comprehensive range of emergency first aid courses in Manchester can help you deal with any of these medical emergencies effectively.

Getting in Touch

Our courses are all affordable and offered throughout the northwest. We are always happy to welcome people onto each and every one of our courses in emergency first aid training in Manchester, and all over the northwest. So don’t be shy! You can see the different courses we offer online with their availabilities. For further information and to book yourself on a course, contact us on 08456344168.