HSE First Aid Courses in Manchester

Emergency first aid courses in Manchester are available at ABC North West for anybody who wants to learn life-saving techniques or refresh their existing knowledge. As further research is carried out, emergency first aid practices are constantly under review and it is recommended that even those with a recognised certification in first aid should take a refresher course at least every five years.

Emergency first aid training is an essential requirement of many job roles and can quite literally be the difference between life and death. After taking even a basic course in emergency first aid, you are then equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to prevent serious injury and in extreme circumstances, the loss of life.

Even if it is not a specific requirement of your job role, first aid training can be a vital asset in normal life, particularly in busy cities and densely populated areas such as Manchester where you are statistically more likely to encounter a person who is having breathing/circulatory problems or suffered an accident of some form. Emergency first aid courses give you the peace of mind that you will know exactly how to react and deal with any number of medical emergencies, wherever they may occur.

30,000 people have a cardiac arrest away from hospital every year. However, only one third of these receive CPR from a bystander. In short, too many people die who could have been saved if one of those bystanders had basic first aid training.

ABC North West provide a full range of emergency first aid courses in Manchester, all of which are fully accredited by HSE.

Paediatric First Aid Courses in Manchester

ABC North West offer paediatric first aid training in Manchester aimed at those who need a recognised qualification to work with children in roles such as nursery nurses, teachers, nannies and child minders. All course content is based on recommendations from OFSTED and includes lessons such as:

  • Accident management & record keeping
  • Management of the unconscious casualty
  • Management of a non-breathing casualty
  • Treatment of choking
  • Treatment of wounds and bleeding
  • Treatment of burns
  • Treatment of fractures
  • Dealing with poisoning
  • Dealing with shock inc anaphylaxis
  • Recognition and management of sudden illness
  • Infantile convulsions/Diabetes/epilepsy
  • Sickle Cell /Asthma/meningitis
  • Contents of first aid kits.

Paediatric first aid training in Manchester can be delivered during the evening/ weekends or split over several weeks if necessary.

Contact ABC North West

ABC North West would be happy to assist with any queries you may have and can provide details for those who are unsure as to whether or not their first aid training is still valid or perhaps needs refreshing.
For more information on emergency first aid training and paediatric first aid courses in the Manchester area, please call our friendly advisors on:
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