Become a Qualified First Aider with ABC Emergency First Aid Courses in Blackburn

Following a recent report following a survey of the general public, results suggest that there is a high volume of people that feel that emergency first aid training should be taught in schools as part of the national curriculum. This would make absolute sense as young adults are not always in the presence of a qualified first aider or even an adult and a medical emergency can strike at any time whether this is due to misadventure or the result of an existing condition. We believe this is a step in the right direction. It’s too late for adults to be taught lifesaving skills in school but it’s not too late for them to receive this training on our emergency first aid courses in Blackburn from ABC Northwest.

Would you know how to react in the case of a medical emergency?

Our belief is that everyone should have at least the basic first aid skills. In some instances, the fast application of simple first aid can mean the difference between life and death. Even if this means knowing how to position a casualty in the recovery position and keeping them stable until the emergency services arrive, this can have a massive impact. There are very few people who will just stand by and do nothing in the event that someone needs medical attention, at least with the skills provided on our emergency first aid courses in Blackburn you will know the correct first aid to apply in any given medical emergency situation.

HSE Approved First Aid Courses in Blackburn and the North West

On an ABC emergency first aid training course in Blackburn you will be taught a variety of first aid skills over a 3 day period. These courses are designed for the qualification of first aiders in the workplace but of course all the skills taught on our courses are beneficial both at work, home and out and about. The HSE approved qualification students will receive is valid for 3 years which can also be renewed with us on one of our first aid refresher courses.

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If you’re looking for comprehensive and affordable emergency first aid courses in Blackburn, Manchester, Bolton and anywhere else in the North West, you’ve come to the right place. We are willing to come out to your place of work and run our courses on site. In addition to our first aid courses for both adult and paediatric casualties, ABC Northwest provide a range of courses that are designed for the workplace as well as some of the most beneficial and value for money occupational health services in Lancashire. You can contact the ABC Northwest team by phone on 0845 634 4168 or simply fill in the contact for featured on our website.