What training is required for people who work with children?

ABC north west offer specific first aid training for people who look after children, it is a comprehensive 12 hour Paediatric First Aid course and has been designed to meet all the recommended requirements of OFSTED and Sure start and is suitable for registered child minders, nannies, Au pairs, nursery workers, school teachers and playgroup leaders. For those who don’t have to comply with OFSTED requirements or do not require a work based certification then we also offer a shorter 6 hour Emergency First Aid Baby & Child course suitable for Parents, Child Carers, grandparents etc. We also deliver targeted training for foster carers that covers basic lifesaving skills and first aid for babies, children and adults where time constraints to attend training is difficult and a full work based qualification may not be required.

How many First Aiders do we need to provide in the work place?

The Health & Safety Executive provides guidance on the minimum numbers of First Aid Personnel required in the work place. The HSE also strongly recommends that you include non- employees visiting your premises in your first aid provision.

It is important to remember that accidents and illness can happen at any time and First-aid provision needs to be available at all times people are at work. A first aid needs risk assessment needs to be carried out. To help you with deciding on numbers of first aiders and levels of training, ABC has a free downloadable guide to the new regulations.

Downloadable PDF

What is a First Aider?

First Aiders are members of staff who hold a current first aid at work certificate issued by an approved training organisation as defined by Health & Safety Executive guidance such as ABC. There are two levels of First Aiders as detailed below

What is the difference between a First Aider FAW and a First Aider EFAW?

First Aider FAW is a first aider who has undergone the full FAW program of a 3 day training course and is the recommended level of first aider for most organisations where your risk assessment identifies a first aid need. First Aider EFAW is a one day basic level first aid course which covers a limited range of conditions and is suitable for very low risk environments and is ideal where previously a company only had an appointed person but identified a need to train them in first Aid then the One day EFAW would be the most suitable option.

What is an Appointed Person?

Following a risk assessment of your workplace, you may find that you do not require a first aider. In this instance, the minimum requirement is to “appoint a person to deal with any emergency situations an “Appointed Person”. An appointed person is someone who Can A) Take charge when someone is injured or falls ill and can call emergency services. B) Look after the first aid kit, making sure it is up to date and fully stocked. First aid training is not required but if training is identified the best course of action would be to undertake the EFAW course as a minimum.

What should we have in a First Aid Kit?

The actual contents of First Aid Kits are not mandatory and as part of a company’s First Aid Needs assessment the number of First Aid kits required and their content should be determined. Following consultation with the HSE a new British Standard for work place first aid kits was introduced in 2011 BS 8599. The British Standard introduced four sizes of kit with recommended basic items and is given as guidance for numbers of employees. This however is guidance and would refer individual companies to their needs assessment. (The quantities should be increased for more people or if you find you are regularly using a particular item):

See the BS 8599 first aid kit list here

Should Sterile Eye Wash be provided?

Sterile water or saline solution is an excellent way of being able to wash eyes and is available in different sized containers. If mains Tap water is not readily available then at least 1 litre of sterile water or saline should be provided.

Can First Aiders Issue Pain Killers?

No tablets or medication should be kept in a Work Place First Aid Kit and First Aiders are unable to prescribe any medication to be used except where any specialist training is provided and is specifically authorised.

Where should First Aid kits be located?

A first aid kit should be kept in an easily accessible location at every place of work and this means at larger sites more than one first aid kit may be required and you should also consider employees who are traveling therefore include company vehicles as part of an overall risk assessment. The first Aid Kit should be clearly identified by a white cross on a green background and should also protect the contents from dust and damp. Contact ABC for a full range of First Aid supplies and available kits

How often do we have to re qualify as first Aiders?

First aid certificates are valid for Three years and must be renewed every three years prior to expiry or within 28 days of their expiry. For those who requalify within the time scales then a two day approved requalification course must be attended. If certificates elapse then a full 3 day course must be attended. For EFAW requalification then it would be a one day course every three years.

Do we have to attend annual updates?

Whilst not compulsory, annual updates are strongly recommended by the HSE and half day courses are offered by abc and many first aiders and organisations find these refreshers very usefull.

Do we have to re qualify with the same training provider as the original certificate? No, provided the training provider is approved to the standards outlined by the HSE and offers suitable courses you are free to use any of the training providers. You must ensure the training provider meets the right criteria to deliver the training.


Price is no indicator of quality or service here as all First Aid at Work training providers must meet a high standard to be able to deliver an accredited qualification. Here at ABC we pride ourselves on an efficient service with low overheads, which means we pass on all our savings with competitive pricing but without any compromise on quality.