First Aid Training Services

ABC now offer a full range of training services not just first aid. Our courses are designed to ensure that you have an adequately trained workforce to meet the legal requirements of any legislation. Whilst we have a strong emphasis on health and safety related courses we don’t stop there, we have courses to improve your business performance, enable your staff to develop and bring about improvement and also contribute more to your organisation. So whether it is a fire marshal or a first aider, manual handling or conflict resolution we have a course available. If you do not see what you need just ask.

Other Services

The Premier Occupational Health Consultancy for
Northwest England

Preventive occupational health measures can be every bit as beneficial to the business as the maintenance of a company’s other assets. You would not operate machinery or vehicles without regular maintenance schedules so why not apply the same principals to your most precious resource, your staff. A professional occupational health service can yield many benefits, not just an improvement in general health but reduced absenteeism, compliance with legislation a reduction in insurance premiums, an improvement in staff retention and recruitment and prevention of losses from compensation claims. In all a vast contribution to your bottom line, so providing the right service can actually save you money.